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Work With Me

travel back packWork with me!  Whether you’re on this page because you want to learn how to travel more, or you want to get your travel business/product in front of travel-lovers, welcome!

Do you need assistance with your travel planning or itinerary planning?   Would you prefer to have your trip planned for you?  Are you looking for a tailored trip? Does trying to pack light or figuring out what to pack drive you crazy?  Going someplace where you are not sure of the customs and want to get the “skinny” on the lay of the land?  Want to get your travel product in front of like-minded consumers? Let us help!

When I started travel planning for friends and colleagues close to 10 years ago, I just followed my heart.  Eventually, that led me to a full-time career in travel.  I started writing about my travels, and my friends and family began to follow.  That’s what has gotten me here.

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Travel/Itinerary Planning

While all of us travelers are interested in new, helpful tips that make our travel life a happy one, many of you are looking for a more personalized consultation.  I have spent years traveling and learning through trial and error, the good, the kind of bad, and the kind of ugly.  I created this Travel Planning segment to offer one-on-one consultations, and personalized Q&A sessions, via SKYPE.

Session Topics

How/What To Pack
Itineraries for Solo, Group, Short-Term or Long-Term Travel
Group Lead Options

To schedule your one-on-one planning session, and/or for rate inquiries, please email me at Ingrid{at}ITBTravels{d0t}com.  Please be sure to give me a brief description of which aspect of your travels you would like coaching on, and put Travel Coaching in the email subject line.  I will reply within 24 hours.


Rates will be sent upon request.
Rates are on a per-hour basis.
Please include your time-zone, and at least 3 dates and times that work best for you.

Website/Blog Advertising Options

Open To Providing/Accepting:

Affiliate Partnerships*
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Press Trips**
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Gear/Product Testing*

*Travel/Tourism related
**Sometimes requires 1 photographer to travel along with me

advertising options on the website or blog, sponsored articles written by me or you,  airline/hotel reviews, press trips, or travel gear testers, reach out to me!