The Wonderful People of Cuba

Cuba is a “melting pot”. The races have so intermingled that it is impossible to categorize the population’s mixture with 100% accuracy.  As of 2012, the population of close to 12 million was made up mostly of  Spanish and Africans.  About 64% of Cubans consider themselves white, or of Spanish descent.  27% of the population is mulatto and mestizo, and 9%  is black. 

With Our Personal Tour Guide in Habana Vieja

Crafter in Trinidad

With the Bartender, chef and waitress at El Zaguan in Havana

With Chambermaid at Palicio O’Farrill Boutique Hotel in Havana

 A very small number of the country’s Chinese population lives in Havana’s Chinatown, where at one point, this area, known as Barrio Chino, was said to have been the largest in Latin America.  However, today, the Chinese population has almost diminished, and/or blended into the Cuban culture, and the neighborhood (Barrio Chino) has lost most of it’s splendor. 

Most Cubans are Roman Catholic.  There are also Protestants and a small Jewish population. Before the revolution, there were close to 20 thousand Jewish people in Cuba, mostly seeking sanctuary during WWII.  Now, there are a few thousand.  Many of Cuba’s blacks are followers of Santeria

The Cuban people are friendly, outgoing, stylish, and a s helpful as can be.  If my group even looked a little confused, there was a passerby at the ready with directions, information, or legitimate suggestions.

Artist in Trinidad

With Artists at the Rumba Festival in Habana Vieja
Stylish Teens in Habana Vieja

Stylish Toddler in “Jellies” in Pinar del Rio

Newly passed regulations now allow for some forms of capitalism.  The Cubans are very hard-working and are known for their entrepreneurial skills.  To be able to branch off (somewhat) on their own is a huge stepping stone for them, and an opportunity that they do not take lightly.  During our visit we met an English professor-turned-independent tour guide, grammar school teachers, paladar (both small and large) owners, artists, fishermen, musicians, farmers, concierges, chambermaids, doormen, a dentist, bartenders, a cigar-maker, tour bus drivers, IT specialists and chefs, to name a few.  Each and every one of these people, worked their craft with noticeable passion. 

Cigar Maker in Vinales

Cocktail Crafter at Cueva del Indio in Vinales

With Constelacion group members at Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Doorman at Palicio O’Farrill Boutique Hotel in Havana

Farmer in Pinar del Rio

Fishermen in Havana

Teacher and Students in Trinidad

Musicians at La Moneda Cubana in Havana

Note From Chambermaid in Trinidad

With Artist in Havana

 One thing I can personally say about the Cuban people is that they truly made me not want to leave them.

Concierge at Palicio O’Farrill Boutique Hotel in Havana

With Tour Guide in Havana

My Favorite Farmer in Vinales