What To Do With That Halloween Pumpkin After Halloween

A week ago I purchased a large pumpkin from my local Harris Teeter store to use as decoration on my front porch for Halloween. I asked my guy (and more sensible half!) to go with me to the store to carry said large pumpkin to the car, and into the house.  It was a really large pumpkin.  When he realized why I was purchasing this pumpkin, his reply to me was “I cannot believe you are buying food to place on the front porch as decoration. Only in America!”  He was born in El Salvador, and while he has been in the States for 30 years, that doesn’t stop him from taking note of, and making comments on little things like this from time to time. So, I decided right then that I would use this pumpkin as food after it served it’s decoration purposes.

Pumpkin As Decoration On Our Front Porch


I’m not a baker.  At all.  ‘Can’t even make box cakes taste good.  So, I went with pumpkin soup.  I had never eaten pumpkin soup until now, but I figured my soup would turn out better than cakes, pies or breads.  Based, again, on my past experiences with baking.

It was a long, arduous process, and after 3.5 hours in the kitchen….Pumpkin Soup!  And, my guy said it tastes “delicious”!

Here’s how I did it:


  • Washed the large pumpkin
  • Cut it in half (you can roast the pumpkin whole, but this one would not fit in my oven)
  • Set aside half of the pumpkin (for trash, or whatever you want), and cleaned the seeds and guts out of the half I’d be using
Pumpkin Cut In Half
  • Preheated the oven to 425 degrees
  • Cut the half of pumpkin into 8-10 chunky pieces
  • Placed the pieces on wax paper on baking sheets/pans
Roasting Pumpkin Chunks
  • Roasted pumpkin pieces for 45-55 minutes (until it is soft when you stick a fork in it)
  • While waiting on the pumpkin to cook, I cleaned the seeds…its a bit messy
Pumpkin Seeds Ready For Cleaning
  • Placed the seeds on a baking sheet, let them air dry, then sprinkled the seeds with coarse sea salt.  I later roasted these on 325 degrees for 25 minutes.
  • Removed the pumpkin from the oven, let it cool for about 20 minutes
  • Peeled the skin from the pumpkin, and discarded the skin
Pumkin Roasted, Pelled and Cooling Down
  • In a large pot, I boiled vegetable stock
  • Added the pumpkin pieces to the stock and gently mashed with a root vegetable masher (you could use a large spoon for this)
  • I added a generous amount of molasses, a little more stock, and kept mashing/stirring.  This will not make it a soup form yet, but hang on
  • Add the mixture to the blender or food processor and puree to no avail!
  • When it looked like it couldn’t be pureed any more, I added a dash of salt, a dash of chili powder, a hefty dash of nutmeg, and a hearty pour of  heavy whipping cream
  • Pour into your soup bowls, and garnish with Salvadoran crema (see what I did there?)


I did not use measurements while cooking this one.
You can use small pumpkins and roast them whole, then clean the insides after they are cooked.
You can be all kinds of cool and serve the soup in a remaining, cleaned out pumpkin with the top cut off.